Ladies Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Plan

Ladies Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Plan

Ladies Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Plan

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Our new lifestyle nutrition plan focuses on day to day, with a 80/20 split

In a weeks time 80% of your meals are super healthy and nutritious, leaving room to get what you crave. Easy plan to follow


Standard at home or gym member workout plan also available 

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Thanks you Fit Peter for the great program. I have tried many products and diets in my life, this is the first product that really worked for me. My progress in the first 4 weeks was something I've never seen before. My overall health improved and I feel great. 

Reynard De Jongh

"As a Chef, it is very difficult to get out of bad eating and drinking habits. The long hours and constant tasting of every dish, picking up weight is bound to happen. Fit Peter got me into a routine and eating plan to suit my lifestyle. For the first time, I found a plan that works, and works well!! I lost 20kg's in 12 weeks!! Feeling better than ever, more energy and more self confidence, fit and energetic.." 

Heinrich Botha

" I'm a hairdresser so, I don't always have the time to sit down and eat big meals. Fit Peter's On The GO nutrition program was perfect for me. It was really easy to follow and in a small amount of time I started seeing results, with the added benefit that the healthy food was actually very nice. Delicious food and amazing results."

Marina Landman

"There always seemed to be a reason I couldn't eat right or exercise. This program changed my mindset. Within a few weeks I was feeling and looking better. This program saves money and is easy to follow. I would recommend anybody who wants to see the beauty and strenght his/her body is capable off."

Pieter Kruger

"In the last year I not only gained a wife, but also a few kilos. Fit Peter made it easy for me and my wife to change our bad habits into a healthy lifestyle. I've already lost 10kg in only 7 weeks and still going strong. The programs are really easy and fun. The Fit Peter team was always available when I had questions and they were very helpfull through out my transformation. Thanks Fit Peter for helping me reach goals, I thought was impossible." 

Herman Venter